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[Gen6] Pokemon of the Week ORAS Edition (08/26: The return of PotW)


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Tier rotation time, this time we look at an OU threat. This Pokemon we have all waited for to rise to OU ever since Gen 5, but was denied that opportunity when its Hidden Ability was never released. Now that it has, this Pokemon saw itself rising from rags to riches.


Tier Status (Singles): OU
Tier Status (Doubles): DNU

Type: Grass

Base Stats: 75 / 75 / 95 / 75 / 95 / 113


  • Overgrow: When this Pokemon's HP is 33.3% of its maximum value, this Pokemon's Grass-type attacks will have their base power increased by 50%.
  • Contrary (Hidden Ability): Any stat boosts or stat drops that occur to this Pokemon, whether self-inflicted, inflicted by an opponent, or inflicted by Sticky Web, will be reversed. Stat boosts or stats drops that are passed to this Pokemon via Baton Pass will not be reversed. Moves that boost or lower this Pokemon's stat levels will not have their stat changes reversed if the move was used by a Pokemon with the abilities Mold Breaker, Teravolt, or Turboblaze.

Table of Contents

  • Singles OU Overview
  • Singles Ubers Overview


Singles OU Overview
497.pngORAS Singles OU Viability: B+

Admit it. You all knew this was going to happen one day. Long has OU waited for Serperior to gain access to Contrary, allowing it to boost its Sp.Attack by +2 stages every time it uses Leaf Storm, while smacking the opponent hard with a 130 base power STAB move. 75 base Sp.Attack may be lackluster, but Contrary Leaf Storm easily compensates for this, easily turning Serperior into a powerful wallbreaker against defensive stall teams struggling to catch up with its stat boosts. 75/95/95 defensive stats isn't too shabby either, allowing it to survive several notable attacks, including Mega Pinsir's Aerialate Quick Attack. Its 113 base Speed is very impressive, allowing it to outspeed the noteworthy base 110 speed tier, so Serperior isn't dead weight against offense teams, and works as a fantastic cleaner.

That being said, Serperior is not without its flaws. As mentioned before, 75 base Sp.Attack is lackluster, so Serperior will be struggling to deal any sort of meaningful damage without a boost from Contrary Leaf Storm. To put things into perspective, even Hidden Power [Fire] fails to OHKO Ferrothorn without a boost. Furthermore, Leaf Storm is held back by its low PP, so in longer games where Serperior is switching out often, it will have difficulty obtaining and keeping its boosts. Even with the boosts, Serperior has no option of getting past Heatran, Talonflame, and Mega Altaria, and will require significant support from teammates to handle these threats. Serperior's coverage options are also rather limited, forcing it to run moves such as Hidden Power [Fire] and Dragon Pulse, which don't exactly have that great coverage with Leaf Storm.

ORAS OU Singles Moveset: Special Attacker
Ability: Levitate / Item: @Life Orb
Nature: Timid w/ EVs: 252 Sp.Attack / 4 Defense / 252 Speed
IV Spread: 29/EE/30/30/31/30
Move #1: Leaf Storm
Move #2: Dragon Pulse
Move #3: Hidden Power [Fire]
Move #4: Giga Drain, Substitute, or Taunt


  • Leaf Storm, under normal circumstances a powerful nuke attack that cripples the user with a -2 Sp.Attack drop, becomes a formidable weapon when used with Contrary, essentially becoming a Nasty Plot that deals STAB damage
  • Dragon Pulse allows Serperior to hit the Dragon type Pokemon that resist Leaf Storm, namely Latias, Latios, and Garchomp, but also dealing neutral damage to Talonflame on the switch in.
  • Hidden Power [Fire] bursts through any Steel type not named Heatran, OHKOing both Mega Scizor and Ferrothorn after a Leaf Storm boost.
  • For the last moveslot, Giga Drain provides Serperior with an alternative Grass STAB that, while weaker, does not expend Leaf Storm's PP once it has acquired a few boosts. Giga Drain also has the benefit of mitigating recoil damage from Life Orb. Substitute is another option that Serperior can use, as it will often force switches, allowing Serperior to capitalize on this by setting up a Substitute freely, allowing it to grab a boost without taking damage. It also provides Serperior with further utility by avoiding both status moves and Sucker Punch. Taunt is yet another option to shut down status, but is most effective against Stall teams, which often rely on Mega Sableye to reflect Taunt with Magic Bounce, except that Serperior easily sets up on Mega Sableye 1vs1.
  • The given EV spread maximizes Speed and Sp.Attack, with a Timid nature to capitalize on its unique speed tier. Max Sp.Attack with a Life Orb is almost mandatory given Serperior's mediocre base 75 Sp.Attack, ensuring Serperior will hit its hardest once it obtains a boost.
  • The given IV spread is necessary for Hidden Power [Fire]. The Attack IV can be any even number value, but ideally should be 0. The HP IV is set to 29 in order to minimize the amount of recoil damage taken from Life Orb without negatively impacting Serperior's HP too much.
  • Serperior is extremely reliant on obtaining a boost with Leaf Storm in order to deal any kind of meaningful damage, as such getting it in safely is necessary. This can be accomplished through the use of Volt Switch, U-turn, or Baton Pass, ideally with slower users of the move such as Rotom-Wash.
  • This set requires Serperior's checks and counters to be eliminated first before it can attempt to obtain any boosts due to its limited coverage moves. As such, this Serperior set works best in the mid to late game as a cleaner.
  • Against defensive Stall teams, although Leaf Storm can enable Serperior to easily breeze through them, it must be used wisely due to its limited PP.

Recommended Teammates:

  • 381.pngelvqhTa.png051.png
    Heatran is a major thorn in Serperior's side as it resists or is immune to all of Serperior's common moves. Latios running Earthquake can lure in and potentially KO Heatran. Physical attacking variants of Mega Altaria running Earthquake, as well as Dugtrio can both KO Heatran as well.
  • 376-m.png212-m.png094.png494.png
    Mega Altaria is another Pokemon that can easily switch in to Serperior due to its typing. Mega Metagross, Mega Scizor, Gengar, and Victini are all reliable checks to the Fairy Dragon. Furthermore, Mega Scizor and Victini can also provide Serperior with free switch in opportunities with U-turn.
  • 381.png380.png310-m.png243.png663.png479w.png080.pngx568l7X.png245.png248.png
    Mega Charizard Y and Talonflame can easily dispatch Serperior. Latios, Latias, Mega Manectric, Raikou, and Talonflame can handle the former, while Rotom-Wash, both Slowbros, and Suicune can handle the latter. Tyranitar, however, is notable for handling both.
  • 376-m.png184.png625.pngt1uu1nb.png
    As a cleaner, Serperior appreciates having the opponent's team weakened before it can clean up in the late game, so wallbreakers that can punch holes into the opponent's team work well as teammates. Mega Metagross, Azumarill, Bisharp, and Mega Gallade can all perform this role, as can others.
  • 142-m.png
    Mega Aerodactyl is an interesting teammate for Serperior, as it can threaten the Fire types, Flying types, and bulky Grass types, especially Mega Venusaur, that can give Serperior problems. In exchange, Serperior can handle the bulky Water types that give Mega Aerodactyl problems.

Honorable Mentions
Although Serperior doesn't have that many coverage moves at its disposal, it does have a ton of additional move options it can use, most of which are utility moves that are used in the fourth moveslot over Giga Drain/Substitute/Taunt unless otherwise noted;

  • Hidden Power [Ground]: Hidden Power [Ground] is an option to use over Hidden Power [Fire] if Heatran is a concern, as it turns Serperior into an effective lure for Heatran. To put things into perspective, Hidden Power [Ground] is a guaranteed OHKO against Heatran after a single Leaf Storm boost. However, Air Balloon variants of Heatran can circumvent this with smart switching, and running Hidden Power [Ground] means sacrificing important coverage against Ferrothorn and Mega Scizor. However, if you do opt to run Hidden Power [Ground], be sure to use an IV spread of 29/XX/31/30/30/31, with XX being any IV value, ideally 0.
  • Glare: Glare is a semi-unique option for the fourth moveslot available to Serperior that allows it to cripple common faster switch-ins, including Talonflame, Mega Charizard Y, and Tornadus-Therian.
  • Knock Off: Knock Off can be run in the fourth slot, granting Serperior a utility move to use against Pokemon that are heavily dependent on their item, making them easier to handle. Of note is Chansey, who loses a ton of bulk once its Eviolite is removed, and Heatran, who loses either passive recovery, extra speed, or Ground immunity, depending on the item it is holding.
  • Synthesis: Synthesis is another option for moveslot #4 that allows it to both mitigate Life Orb recoil as well as any other damage it has sustained, improving Serperior's longevity.
  • Leech Seed + Leftovers: If using Substitute in the fourth moveslot, Leech Seed is a viable option that can be used over Dragon Pulse in the second moveslot, as this allows Serperior to wear down switch-ins that it cannot deal with otherwise, such as Heatran and Unaware Clefable. Running Leech Seed+Substitute requires you to play Serperior with a different mindset; instead of spamming Leaf Storm for boosts, you will be spamming Leech Seed most of the time. This, combined with Leftovers, gives Serperior a much better matchup against bulkier and defensive teams, but a worse matchup against Hyper Offense.
  • Expert Belt / Miracle Seed / Meadow Plate: If the recoil damage from Life Orb is off-putting, Serperior can use any of these three items to provide it with a boost to its moves' base powers, but note that the damage will be noticeably lower than that of Life Orb.

Singles OU Checks and Counters to Serperior

  • 485.png
    Heatran is perhaps the best check to Serperior, as it can switch into any attack safely except for Hidden Power [Ground]. Choice Scarf variants of Heatran easily outspeed Serperior and threaten to KO.
  • 663.png006-my.png
    Talonflame and Mega Charizard Y both quad resist Leaf Storm and only take neutral damage from Dragon Pulse, while threatening to OHKO with their STAB moves. Do note however that Talonflame is severely crippled by Glare, and both will not enjoy taking a boosted Dragon Pulse if Stealth Rock is on the field.
  • elvqhTa.png
    Mega Altaria is immune to Dragon Pulse while resisting all of Serperior's other moves except Hidden Power [Ground]. Bulkier variants of Mega Altaria can use Serperior as setup fodder for Dragon Dance, while the support set has no trouble walling it. Offensive variants, however, will have trouble switching in.
  • 003-m.png591.png598.png
    Most bulky Grass types can shake off most of Serperior's attacks. Mega Venusaur is the most notable, quad resisting Leaf Storm while taking neutral damage from Dragon Pulse and Hidden Power [Fire], and tossing out super effective Sludge Bombs. Amoonguss is in a similar boat, but does not take neutral damage from Hidden Power [Fire], though it can remove Serperior's boosts with Clear Smog. Ferrothorn can handle any Serperior running Hidden Power [Ground], but is otherwise not a good check to Serperior due to the fact most of them run Hidden Power [Fire].
  • 641-s.pngYuS4yui.pngAsvQNus.png310-m.pngefA6EXl.png142-m.png, Choice Scarf (646-b.png494.png660.png)
    Naturally faster Pokemon, such as Tornadus-Therian, Mega Pidgeot, Mega Lopunny, Mega Manectric, Mega Beedrill, and Mega Aerodactyl can all outspeed Serperior and threaten it with one of their coverage moves. In a similar boat, common Choice Scarf users such as Black Kyurem, Victini, and Diggersby usually possess some kind of super effective coverage move or a move that can easily wear down Serperior.



Singles Ubers Overview
497.pngORAS Singles Ubers Viability: F

LOL Primal Groudon. But in all seriousness, Serperior's base stats just aren't enough to cut it in the Ubers environment, what with Primal Groudon and Mega Salamence running around. Xerneas pretty much outclasses Serperior in the whole "I can gain +2 Sp.Attack in one turn" department, while also giving it a massive boost to Sp.Defense and Speed. Ho-oh walls and kills it, and Latios and Latias both OHKO it with Soul Dew boosted Draco Meteors while narrowly avoiding a 2HKO from +2 Dragon Pulse. Even at +6, Serperior falls to consistently 2HKO Lugia when Multiscale is taken into account, when Lugia can easily 2HKO in return with Aeroblast or phaze it out.

Doubles OU Overview
497.pngORAS Doubles OU Viability: Tier F

Doubles may be a metagame that favors bulky special attackers over physical attackers (unless you're Mega Kangaskhan or Landorus-Therian), Serperior fails to make a splash in the Doubles environment. While it can threaten Mega Diancie, Keldeo, and Rotom-Wash, the abundance of Protect in the metagame can prevent it from acquiring boosts, thus wearing it out of PP while leaving it exposed. It is also outclassed by Sky Shaymin, who more or less does the same thing with Serene Grace Seed Flare.

External Links
Smogon Analysis (Singles OU)

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[Topic bump]

I know its been awhile but going back about Serperior

as I been playing OR recently I have traded one of my extra starter for a Snivy(with Contrary ability) After raising it (evolving it to Serperior) I have to say its a pretty offensive if it knows moves like 'Leaf storm' as it gains great boost in Sp.At plus its hidden power (ice) gives it great advantage to other grass-types, plus flying-types and more pain to ground-type like Garchomps (even in its Mega-form)

The move set it has:

Hidden power(ice)

Dragon Pulse




It has a Timid Nature which gives it great speed.  :goodmood:

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The problem with Hidden Power [Ice] is that it leaves Serperior completely walled by Steel types, which is why [Fire] and [Ground] are the preferred Hidden Power types for Serperior. The former deals more damage to Ferrothorn and (Mega) Scizor while also damaging Skarmory, while the latter has the advantage of hitting Heatran.

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The problem with Hidden Power [Ice] is that it leaves Serperior completely walled by Steel types, which is why [Fire] and [Ground] are the preferred Hidden Power types for Serperior. The former deals more damage to Ferrothorn and (Mega) Scizor while also damaging Skarmory, while the latter has the advantage of hitting Heatran.

Yep! thats the only down side about it. i was hoping for Hidden Power [fire] but it IVs make it have Ice instead. :-P

maybe I can breed one to have to have Hidden Power{ fire}

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In the next few weeks, PotW will be returning, however, the thread will have a different purpose than before. Rather than covering a Pokemon's movesets and viability for the Ubers, OU, UU, RU, NU, and PU tiers, (You can always find that information on Smogon anyway), PotW will now be focusing strictly on the unofficial UUbers tier, which I sort of consider to be the "official" tier of MFFA. Each PotW will also have its own thread, to allow for more discussion on specific Pokemon.

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In the next few weeks, PotW will be returning, however, the thread will have a different purpose than before. Rather than covering a Pokemon's movesets and viability for the Ubers, OU, UU, RU, NU, and PU tiers, (You can always find that information on Smogon anyway), PotW will now be focusing strictly on the unofficial UUbers tier, which I sort of consider to be the "official" tier of MFFA. Each PotW will also have its own thread, to allow for more discussion on specific Pokemon.

That Sounds cool! :goodmood:

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