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[Real Bout] West Subway (Night)


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I'm using it with the Marvel vs DC vs SNK vs Capcom screenpack with the Capcom-styled characters. So... Yup, I like it ;p

im using that exact same sp.....awwwwwwwww yeah

Holy Shit ,that's the same one Im using on my uncles Laptop.... F,n Weird

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nigga, we talk'd about that stalkin' shit. you'd better calm it down for you own sake, before she goes apeshit on ya. we tend to be a bit paranoid, so if we think danger is near, we'll commence to beat tha phukk outta you 1st, then consider either askin' questions later, or just sayin' the hell with it & torturin' you til you wish you were dead. just warnin' ya.....

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