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Boss Zero Original

ShiniGami NoMeresu

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i fell once on the name of zero. when i found out its a megaman zero. i laughed at myself and i did not like myself laughing at me 


If this is actually Capcom's Megaman Zero and not SNK's Original Zero, then this should be moved to the Capcom section.

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Just downloaded this thing because there was some confusion as to which Zero this was supposed to be. Although the video suggests its the SNK Zero, the character itself appears to be the Megaman Zero. Moving.


EDIT: Replaced the misleading video in the 1st post with a screenshot accurately displaying the character in question. Why you would post a video of SNK Zero in a release thread about Megaman Zero is beyond me, but refrain from doing that again.


EDIT: And yes, I'm aware that its Omega we're talking about, and not actually Zero, but my point still stands.

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