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want to pick your brains



Firstly I'd like to say that im a complete noob when it comes to char creation and I've kinda chose a fairly hard project for my first try if its possible. From the mugen characters I have seen the past few weeks theres one character that caught my eye with 2 transformations besides his initial form called abyss and I was wondering if the following was possible

initial form:- 10% chance of parry with 1 striker

1st transformation :- 0% chance of parrying an attack, 0% chance of using a striker as you are now fighting on the screen side by side with that striker against your opponent, (2v1) instead of just calling him when you get a bar to do a quick attack then disappearing.

2nd and final transformation :- characters both merge into one character which is really op. 100% chance of parrying which also heals and he only has one attack of which deals 100% damage (ohko) as referred to by some. he wont be able to do normal attacks, like light hits or heavy hits, only one skill.

also I want to set it up so that the final form has a low % chance of actually happening so that when it does it shocks the hell out of people :P

I'm not sure if I'd have to setup for 2 different parries to make it easier but I'd love to know if its possible. also with regards to the parry on the initial form, is it possible that when the parry is done the target is moved so his back to you and you get a free hit?

on another note, how many cns files should I use? I have been downloading a fair few chars the past weeks to get ones I like and especially those with decent AI systems and they have anything ranging from 1 cns file all the way up to 7 cns files.

thank you for taking the time to look over this thread and I appreciate any assistance you may provide.

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Well, while what you want to do is very possible, if you're a complete noob in coding CNS, then you're going to have a tough time with it. Also, know that transformations, unless done correctly, the hard way, are going to break your character from being juggled and grabbed by other characters. There are other complications with it as well.

In terms of the number of CNS files, the reason you see such a varying amount is because it's about organization. For example, I like to split major parts of moves into separate CNS files. If I know my character will have a lot of thrown weapons, I might put all of the helpers of those moves or even the moves themselves into a separate file called thrown_weapons.cns. Again, it's up to you. There's no rule. You could have 1 or 10 if you want.

Now, since you're so new to this, I would start here: http://elecbyte.com/mugendocs/mugen.html. Read it 100 times if you have to. There's everything you need to know right in these docs. Bookmark them and reference them often. Before looking at the lists Triggers and State Controllers, I would suggest reading the CNS guide there. It teaches you about the various aspects of state coding and other portions that people might not realize are required to code in the procedural *wrapper of CNS.

* IF you could call it that. :P

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thanks for responding, and the link to help me get started. I have already been reading a little over the links you provided in the "about everything for AI" thread and also looked at the videos that Determinator posted, both are good material to help me in the future :)


regarding the broken characters, I have seen a fair few of them and tried my hand at fixing one of them but I was way out of my league in doing so as there was to much code to go through and not to mention the titles used on some of the functions wasn't really readable. the characters were ascii code instead of in a readable format. The character had flying issues whenever they were knocked off of their feet from either a throw or a hard attack which is something I really want to avoid in future so i'll be doing the code bit by bit then testing it to avoid such issues.

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