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Controlling YU-TOHARU's Ange



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A, B, C, = weak, medium, heavy

X, Y, Z = striker, taunt, meta world (meta can also be activated by A+B+C)


X = summons the touch striker

Can also be followed into a combo, known as attack touch. The striker tags in and attacks.

↓↘→ + x = If striker's gauge is lv 3, assault touch can be performed


↓↘→ + a or b or c = summons sakutarou, use the same command again to make him attack

←↓↙ + a = leviathan striker, attacks from below in front of opponent

←↓↙ + b = belphegor striker, attacks straight in front of opponent

←↓↙ + c = satan striker, a little delay, attacks a little above in front of opponent (note, it often whiffs)

↓↙← + a or b or c = mammon striker:

a version = shoots forward

b version = shoots at a 45 degree angle, ascending

c version = shoots at a 45 degree angle, descending

→↘↓↙← + a or b or c = German suplex

→b+c (close to opponent) = Grab




↓↘→ + a+b = Sakutarou super, required to be on summoned on the field first

←↓↙ + a+b = Beelzebub + Asmodeus appear and attack the opponent close range both sides

↓↙← + a+b = The Seven Sisters fly out as stakes, shooting forward at the opponent

→↘↓↙← + a+b = Double German Suplex

↓↘→↓↘→ + c = Lv2 super. Ranbu-style super


Meta Super:

→←↙↓↘→ + c = Only usable when Meta World is active. Can be used as many times until Meta World is finished.


Hope you find this helpful.


By the way, Yu-Toharu's Ange made her Guard Break terrible for some reason, so if she blocks a multi-hit attack, it the guard break bar will fill up almost instanteously.

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