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This SFF load problem

Krypto 'SAM' saiyaN


Click the spoiler to see the problem.

Error detected.

Cannot find parameter: nameCan't load Custom_SSFIV_Oni.sff
Error loading chars/SSFIV_Oni/SSFIV_Oni.def
Error loading p1

Clipboard tail:
Versus screen init
End of versus screen loop
Game loop deinit
Gameflow 11
Loading match assets...
Loading stage...
  Loading BG...OK
Stage loaded OK
  Allocating helpers...OK
Match RNG seed: 2075607641
Reset persist vars team 0
Reset persist vars team 1
Loading character chars/SSFIV_Oni/SSFIV_Oni.def...
  Loading info...OK
  Loading cmd command set Custom_SSFIV_Oni.cmd...OK
  Loading cns Custom_SSFIV_Oni.cns...OK
  Loading cns Custom_SSFIV_Oni_normal_chains.cns...OK
  Loading cmd state entry Custom_SSFIV_Oni.cmd...OK
  Loading common states common1.cns...OK
  Loading sff Custom_SSFIV_Oni.sff...Character SSFIV_Oni.def failed to load


So, why this is happen actually? This one of the example, happen when using mugen 1.1. How to solve it?

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Sometimes it happens to me too, it's like it says: "hey, I'm not loading all of this stuff this time" and quits. Probably because it's heavy. It happens also with Cody or Gouken by Orbinaut, who are heavy characters; and with heavy stages too.


But this happens to me in 1.0. I think it's for the same reason though.

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No.  I had this happen all the time on 1.0, too.  Mugen just doesn't flush after itself very well.  If you check your error log, it probably stopped on something like releasing resources.  If I had to guess, I would say that Mugen tries to load new resources at the same time that it tries to release old ones.  Obviously, when the math doesn't work out, this happens.  Not surprisingly when you're dealing with SFFs that are >100MB.

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