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[Orochi Edit] Abandon Day Emperor

ShiniGami NoMeresu

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Is this edit so cheap you might as well name him "Abandon All Hope Emperor"? :awesome


In all seriousness though, why do you say he is crappy?


yeah now im doubting this why i even said such a thing. clearly the gif is saying everything *self talking* :confuse:

this gif is a screenshot's combination of just one skill Only!

:=D:  crappy no ?

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uh neither

i just wonder why can't someone make a normal one. the way people make "orochis" is they take the fun out of mugen

you already now why but i m telling

orochi is Basically a character with Powers . you know what i mean by that ? that he has powers beyond mortals. like a deity

So they make orochi'zzz powerful and more powerful

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