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2 Stages : Planet Core

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i _ Planet COre [org]



ii _ Planet COre_SE 



name         = "PLANET CORE"
author         = "NoZ"

Animated  = Yes

HiJump =  Available



Color Edit by Me because i think every one know planet's core is not greenish  :heeee:  so i cudnt stop my self..i leave here both . download whether original version or mine ORrrrrr you can have both [which obviously you'll  :troll:  ] Enjoy!


Org = http://www.mediafire.com/download/fuacik5a7z3klkw/PLANET_CORE.zip

Edited = http://www.mediafire.com/download/yw2krzszjacnftx/PLANET_CORE_SE.zip

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They Looks awesome buddy I really like the orange one too Very Cool. :joyful:

Thanks Dio. Plus cool effect on L


I can put this in only one word: Groovy.

Really. it was nothing but thanks


cool, really like the green one the most.

Of course. i like it too because its original

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