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Ending pack 1 By me


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Hello everyone, here's a my own ending made ​​for Mugen. (Beware some ending are only compatible with Mugen 1.0/1.1:


Folder of my ending in Mediafire:





22/08/2014: Fighter's History Ending, Power Instinct Matrimelee endings, Black Adam, Thanos, Jubilee, Nightcrawler.

25/08/2014 : Power Instinct Matrimelee+Rage of The dragons endings.

26/08/2014 : DBZ endings (Raditz,Broly)
28/08/2014 : Martial Masters endings(Drunken Master,Ghost Kick, Redsnake,Reika,Scorpion,Tiger)


List of ending
-Agressor Of Dark Kombat (Bobby,Joe,Lee,Leonhalt,Sheena)
-Art of Fighting 2 (Micky, Temjin)
-Art of Fighting 3 (Fuwajin,Karman Cole,Rody,Sinclair)
-Breakers (Condor)
-Double Dragon (Amon,Billy,Burnov,Chang;Duke,Jimmy,Marian)
-Dragon Ball Z (Dabura,Raditz,Broly)
-Fatal Fury 3 (Terry,Geese,Hon Fu)
-Fighter's History (Clown,Feilin,Jean,Karnov,Lee,Marstrius,Matlock,Mizoguchi,Ray,Ryoko,Samchay,YungMin,Zaza)
-Galaxy Fight (Alvan,Gunter,Julihn,Kazuma,Rolf,Roomi)
-King Of Fighters (Kof97 Fatalfury,Kof97ikari,KOF97Kyokugen,KOF2001 Girl Team,Kof2001 Kim Team,Kof2003 Girl Team,Kof2003 True ending)

-Martial Masters (Drunken Master,Ghost Kick, Redsnake,Reika,Scorpion,Tiger)

-Power Instinct Matrimelee

-Rage of the Dragons
-Savage Reign (Carol,Chung,Eagle,Gordon,Joker,Nicolas,Rosa)
-World Heroes (Brocken, Captain Kidd,Dragon,Jcarn,Muscle Power,Rasputin,Ryoko,Shura)

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im really happy with your endings excelent work but the ending pack n 2  I do not work on any char of all I've tried and I wonder if you can help me because I have a mugen with chars that have endings and I would like to add my good collection I would greatly appreciate your help to correct the error and that endings could see the end of the game with the char please help me shaka thanks bro

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