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Hitosyura updated by YUUKI_in_SLASH 2014-07-14


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Hitosyura updated by YUUKI_in_SLASH 2014-07-14:




Finally an update in 2014!  IMHO one of the best SMT MUGEN characters!


Update Log (by Google Translate):

◆ Update History

◇ 2014/07/14 (official version 2.02)
• The minor modifications the description of the CNS of Seoul balance.
· Elimination of permanent destruction of the underworld, upper kick once.

◇ 2014/07/13 (same day) (official version 2.01)
- Fixed a bug that occurs when you have one in the judgment of Majin switch at all times.
- Fixed lack of readme.

◇ 2014/07/13 (official version 2.00)
· "Kick upper turning" Add New.
· "Fire Breath" Add New.
· "Absorption attack" Add New.
· Add New "Kapote of red".
· "Herusupin" Add New.
- "Hell burner" Add New.
Motion dedicated "Andalusia of blood".
- "Meditation" motion dedicated, to 1.25 times stamina recovery rate.
· "Seoul balance" dedicated motion.
Motion dedicated "rough voice of the false god".
Motion dedicated "trumpet of Maen".
· "God Arrow" bow added, motion correction.
· "Terasodo" multi-hit increase rigidity
· Adding a "plague crop" sickle.
· "Tentarafu" motion correction.
· Add "stand punch" motion, even motion of traditional random.
· "Kick start" motion change.
• Changed motion "Standing near attack".
· "Jump Kick" motion change.
· "Jump Sword" motion change.
- Fixed fine-motion "punch squatting".
• Changed performance motion "kick-squatting".
· "Javelin Rain" effect change.
· "Mahamudoon" hit add effects.
Effect change "brimstone."
· "Absolute zero" effect change.
Majin, when made, to add elements that neutral changes.
• Changed the guard effect.
· Extends hit rigidity broken the underworld.
· Extends Shockwave guard rigidity.
• Changed the behavior of the air assault enemy hit.
Megiddo-la down on hit determination Delete.
- Eliminate the Hell exhaust generation security, lowering the rise of air hit.
· 1 in a death counter gauge consumption.
• Normally Technology General gauge increase loss, about 1/4
• The cnfg, Adding decision switch at all times.
· SE frequency adjustment.
• Changed the corresponding color 7P, of 8P.
· It is equipped with a hidden technique that can activate only the color of 7P later. (Bonus only)



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