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SF 1 Ryu edit released 7/10/2014 by Lows90


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Copy paste from Guild:



-----------------<What's New>--------------------

 - Color Separation added
 - 22 new palettes
 - New Portrait
 - New Big Portrait
 - Animated Stand
 - Wrong colors fixed
 - Added Japanese SND

--------------<What's Missing>---------------

POTS Gameplay (i'm big fan but not a coder)
Palette Selector
Midnight Bliss


--------------<Special Thanks>---------------
 - Elecbyte
 - Capcom
 - Falchion22
 - Valkyrie Project
 - VirtuallTek
 - Mugen Fighters Guild Forum & all the guys that inspired me to make CS



Also, my 900th post!  :joyful:

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