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Bearded Solid Snake SFF by Rukifellth.


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From The Thread.

So what's the difference? His amazing Beardstache is back!

The Beard and Moustache have each their own colour seperation so that you can give him either a moustache, a beard, both or none!

In this pack is also a collection of Palettes based on his different incarnations raning from:

MGS1 Snake "Shadow Moses"
MGS2 Snake "Big Shell"
MGS3 Snake "Naked Snake"
MGS4 Snake "Old Snake"
Old Snake with young Snake Camo
Banana Suit Snake
SSBB Snake
MGA2 Snake "Acid Snake"
Metal Gear Gameboy Snake "Ghost Babel"
Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake Snake (hurpdurr)
Metal Gear 1 Snake

Hope this'll bring forth a lot of new potential for palettes makers


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