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[POTS] Terry Bogard (Beta) by Memo Released (30/04/2014)


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Another Terry Bogard? Well you know (or don't know yet) what they say : the more, the terrier! *shot*


All fooling around aside, I wonder how this one will play as keeping in mind that Memo is a solid creator. Will try this one out as soon as the opportunity arises.



hmm....so he actually went did it lol Im gonna try this out


Watch out, you might find this one to be a strong rival for your own Terry. :awesome

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lol naw maybe with Koopakoots haha..in the tame area :p jk.


yeah me and memo had a PM chat a couple months ago and i said "i always wanted to see a pots style CVS Terry Bogard..."


He took it seriously and ran with it i see lol...


@EX: i just realized on what you posted lol. I think you should fix that man lol just take the image code he used at MFG and just post it here so theres no confusion haha And since when my V2 terry had a portrait like that? i guess you did that on your own haha.

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