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2-in-1 character help.



I was messing around with MUGEN and had an idea. I thought about making a 2-in1 character using palletes! I thought a good character idea who be Iori Yagami with Another Iori. I realized that both come from different .sff and stuff like that. So the question I wanted to ask was if it is possible to make a 2-in-1 character with 2 different kinds of files (stuff like .sff, .snd, etc) in it? And if so then how?

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mugen only reasons 1 set of files for that stuff (sff, snd, etc)


you could do a iori with "another" mode, based on pal.


but technically speaking Another Iori has a longer jacket and in such requires his own sprites.


I personally hate when people ask these questions about combining 2 characters into 1.


you basically have to recode the character.


all sprites from both characters need to be in the SFF. snds and whatever else might have to be there as well.


you gotta transfer/add all of the 2nd characters animations manually to the 1st character.


its a literal mess that would drive even the mugen gods insane.

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yes infact i believe in Juano16's Shang Tsung, he comes with 17 .def files as well.

so you could technically stand alone with any of the characters, or use shang tsung and play em all.

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