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[1-HR] Anime Stages.


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To love Ru 1:


To love Ru 2:










Download: Mediafire.com

Original Thread: Mugen Team Mexico Forum.



-Stages made by "Hermit" 

-Mugen 1.0 or higer.

-Superjump: no

-Animated: Yes.



Someone at MTM released those earlier today.

Tried them all and asides from some really minor details hard to notice they are all good and a keeper in my opinion if u like anime specialy "Dreamss" 


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Those are some amazing stages. Each one is slightly more beautiful than the previous one imo and "dreamss" looks absolutely fantastic. Top it all of with some nice animations and I've found myself 4 keepers.

Thank you for sharing this from MTM Ex, I really love them!

Though just in case, how would you remove the people in the BG's of the first and second stage? If it's possible of course because always I've had more of a liking towards stages without characters in the background safe for a few exception.

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I just checked the sff. The characters are attached to the background sprite. The only possible way to remove them is finding the exact source images that the author used, and heavy-edit them to remove the characters, then remake the stages from start.

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I had a feeling that was the case upon closer inspection of the characters and the background and it seems like too much work for what it is worth. Oh well, they're still great stages in their own right regardless of characters being in the BG or not. Thanks Ryoucchi!

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