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Place your song in the Sounds folder, and follow these steps. 


1 - Copy the song's name. 


2 - Open your Stages folder and look for the Stage you want to add the song to, then open it's .def file. 


3 - Look for the following line.


bgmusic = sound/ < after the forward slash, you type in the song name in this format : "songname.mp3" (don't literally add the brackets)
bgvolume = 255 

bgm.loop = 1 < Leave this at "1" if you wish for your music to loop after it's finished playing, set it to "0" if you don't want it to loop.


4 - Save and it's done.


Note: All songs must be in the MP3 format

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What exactly are you asking?


Are you asking for stages to be made?  In that case the rules of the request station clearly tell you that you are not supposed to ask for things to be made.




Are you asking for specific songs to be implemented into existing Kamen Rider Wizard and Fourze stages? In that case you can easily get the songs by converting a video of them to mp3 (I recommend http://www.onlinevideoconverter.com/ )and then you implement them just like you'd do with any other music in a stage by adding it to the stage .def file under "Music".

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