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ShirokinoKai's Random Palettes [2014 Edition]


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A new thread for 2014 palettes

This might be dead anyway


itVmrVv.png <--- Totally didn't take inspiration from Raneri. (This one Ryoucchi made)


1. Flavens (You should know this, dammit.)

2. Sacchie (Original)

3. Shoko (Night Shift Nurses: Yagami Yuu)

4. Aoko Aozaki

5. Cotton Candy (Original/Daniel)

6. That one slut Sanae Kochiya


Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ij701d5g9hubx5h/Crowe+Sail+V2+Palettes.zip



M6In5Jf.png <--- Original being Reimu by RicePigeon


1. Yukari Yakumo (IaMP/SWR/Hisoutensoku)

2. Oichi (Sengoku Basara)
3. Shiki Nanaya

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/e3q95144x4lpllf/Meimu+by+Darkflare+Palettes.zip


j3i2y2j.png <--- #amateurmimicry so sorry Raneri


1. Ryo Sakazaki

2. Kenshiro

3. Hong Meiling

4. Chie Satonaka

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/2vtb9s869tgbtw5/Dragon+by+Kayui+Uma+Palettes.zip

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Well I'm sure you know this already but for Dragon's Hong Meiling palette, her hat is white while if you really want to resemble Hong more closely, it should be green. Was this something you overlooked or which simply was not possible to do due to shared colours?


And it occured to me while watching your Ikemen battle against Sawawa in which Dragon was featured with that palette. I hadn't noticed it when I said I was digging them.

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