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Alicephia Finkley by LJH

Krypto 'SAM' saiyaN

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[Video Preview]




MFG Thread : http://mugenguild.com/forum/topics/alicephia-finkley-wonderful-world-158364.0.html



Taken from MFG thread ~ Since I don't know original gameplay, so I made her creatively. If you want original one, you may edit this character to make one or wait until someone do it. Basically it's sprite swap character of Lynia, made by Hyperhiroro. So there are lots of dummy data but it doesn't bother you to use her. Sprites are ripped by Reverse Yu, in Mugen Free For All. Portrait is broken a little bit, since I don't have good graphic tool...sorry. Has only one color. If you want more act files, you can use PNG files in [palpng] folder to make them. But I don't know whether they are helpful or not. Has hard AI. Of course you may control her.

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well, wish she wasn't a  spriteswap but oh well, looks cool.


Off Topic: I will say this again, Kyo is always getting his ass handed to him by girls on ejanho's vids, lol...

it's weird because me too i always noticed this thing when i watched every mugen videos.  :hmm:

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