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Nao by NGeo released


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from: http://mugenguild.com/forum/topics/nao-unknown-158148.0.html

What to expect from this ?

Changed gameplay

New moveset

XI Sparks

converted to mugen 1.0

Screenshots :



Special Thanks :

-> Nao&M for sprites and coding

-> Renzo F for helping me out with a bug i couldnt resolve

-> PotS for his tutorials

-> Genesis for testing

-> Stabbing for testing

-> Elecbyte for their awesome engine.


Download at :




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A really imaginative and beautiful change to the character, and completely faithful to SNK. Amazing job! Hope to see much more from you. One thing, well for me anyway, is there is too many life amt limitations , and doesnt quite let you change modes right off the bat in case you want to fight in one mode the whole match. Other than that, wonderful!

....Read the title, he's by NGeo, not me...

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