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[JJBA] More accurate Kira (or ASB Kira)


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Hi folks, its Kira's turn to have his more accurate version for mugen. 


So as you know many versions exist for this character but no as close from his ASB model than this one.


In ASB he looks like : rzp0.jpg


To do it I used the  Amarimono's voice patched version one and after some hours to resprite him now we have (little port included) : g38i.jpg


As a big port i use falcoon art cause I havent found any more accurate pic on the internet to represent him. 


So whats new ? 


-New colors for Kira, stand was already accurate 

-ASB voice patch by オッサン


The link : http://dfiles.eu/files/rwo4943uv



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Little update : 


-Weirds pals removed from def, anybody can make more pals for this char if wanted

-Stand shadows removed : I havent noticed since I first played with this Kira but some of in some of Killer Queen's attacks we could see its shadow, however as spiritual manifestation from the user psyche stands have not shadow (except some physicals ones which can be seen by normal people without stand) so error cleared

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He doesn't do his intro and sometimes "First Attack" appears throughout the match when it shouldn't.


Hmm, strange...when he does his intro Killer Queen appears behind him, I've tested him and correct some bugs from the voice patched one with Amarimono help. Code need some tweaks it seems.

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