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Goku Super Saiyan God by MugenMundo [UPDATED]

Krypto 'SAM' saiyaN

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[Video Preview]

The new video of Super Saiyan God Goku version 1.2 (12/26/2014)


[What's new?]

Ai new and better
2 new palettes inspired by Vegetto
2 new air strikes
bugs Fixed
new Sounds
Intro improved, with new effects
Win Pose with animation Beerus and new effects
Hit the priority changed scams
Bug dies in the second fight, corrected
New effect and repositioned collision Throw (grapple)






The new updated for Super Saiyan God Goku by MugenMundo. Version 1.2, released on 12/26/2014.

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nice Report Sham lol i posted a video in my comments to it ,but didn't report the actual release , ... happens when u have kids lol , its like ok report this to ne..............OMG get down from their right now! ... alright start to watch this video....... Stop hitting your sister!!!! .... that's my all day /everyday lol , so thanks for posting this bud 

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Only 1 problem. His CNS needs to be changed. Life = 5000, power = 10000, attack = 500, defense = 700, victoryquote = BITCH!

LOL! His gonna OP if you do that. But his ultimate move is still one hit kill, but it doesn't matter now because his A.I has been fix. I have fight this update Goku about 5 times (10 rounds) and just once he attack me with ultimate.

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Then supes would be Life = 1000000000, power = 100000000, attack = 2000000, defense = 10000000


LOL. Really man? SSJG Goku against Superman? ...c'mon man. The end result would be a get well card neatly tucked between a unconscience superman's buttcheeks.


:troll: X 10

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UPDATED Version 1.1 released on 4/10/2014


[What's new?]

- New stance

- Add new sound and the old sound also has been changed

- Fix the AI, more balance now

- New effects

(This is as far as I know, other stuff might be updated too)


The download link has been change, now you can download on MugenMundo site itself. I also add the video for this new update Goku. Check it out on the first post!

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Version 1.1? Does it mean...he's no longer compatible with 1.0?

I'm not sure the "version 1.1" is mean for the mugen version. I think it for the characters version only. Try it first. If not work, you can try his earlier version call "Goku Deus 1.0" in his OneDrive account, but that version of course is non-update one.

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