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helper or explod?



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Heres one example how i did my custom stance. this FX happens when hes at full power


I placed this kind of helper trigger in my state 0 def (stand state)


[state 1700,helper1]
type = Helper
triggerall = anim = 1 ( you can play around and change that to "0' for the stance animation)
trigger1 = animelem = 1 ( the animelem are frames that the fx trigger on. it may differ for yours though)
trigger2 = animelem = 11
trigger3 = animelem = 33
helpertype = normal
name = "stance spark"
pos = 0,0
bindtime = -1
postype = p1
stateno =225015 <-------this is the number of the helper state that triggers on my custom stance
ownpal = 1


while the helper state (225015) with the FX or whatever is elsewhere (in my case the helper states)

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