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[1.0] AVALON - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 2: Battle Tendency


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- LR
- Animated
- Transition Feature
- BGM (Separate Download)


Download Link

*This stage will probably lag the shit out of your computer.


You can download it using Clipconverter.cc

Special Thanks

- To the Newage Mugen Team for their feedback, support, tips, and tricks.
- To Nero for showing me Rigzsoft Timeline FX Particle Editor.
- To Dissidia, because me's pretty much the pioneer of transition stages. His stages inspired me to make this.
- To Trinitronity, because he fucking love JJBA. *brofist*
- To Anti, Watta, and Genesis because they gave me valuable feedback, and they're bros. *brofist*
- To you, because you actually checked out the topic! :D

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