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Jet Li " Pallet Swap Of Lee Reeka"

Lord Batros

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1st Thanks To Rabz For Making Lee Reeka For Mugen, 2nd To Thrillio For mentioning this idea in a Post ,3rd To Ryoucchi for helping with the Portrait & last to me for making the pallets , please dont come here & call this not a creation....no i didnt make Lee Reeka ,Rabz did & did an excellent Job at that, i simply made him Pallets based on Jet Li's Various movie appearances , so keep in mind this is just for fun, Yes its Lee With new color's but he looks ALOT like Jet , so we made him Jet, Just enjoy & stop thinking so much 




1-11 are based off of his various movie appearances, 12 is him as the Dragon emperor from Mummy 3  & their is a Bonus Pal dubbed Bruce LI 


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