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Striker with Portrait/Pictures



Hello i am here again in this forum for asking help to all in this site




I have the code for striker and i apply it to my character




but i want them a pictures/portrait so that i know if they available to call again



one of the example of this is Igniz-ev



when he calls krizalid,zero,o.zero,and misty



they have a cooldown




please help




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sir i undestand your video but in your tutorial in strikers/assist doesnt have a portrait/picture for example sir in your tutorial you press a+x to call/command striker when dio is starting to land or attack the picture of your striker dio should not cooldown if he exits the screen i want that sir pls like igniz ev strikers it has a picture/portrait for them to know if they available example sir igniz called krizalid his picture become bluish that explain that krizalid is not available permanently and when he gone in the edge of the screen the picture of krizalid start to cooldown pls sir help

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use a explod or a helper to show the pictures.


of course you need 2 pictures.


1. normal (on)

2. normal + darker colors (off)


the helper will be off, by default, and after 200 ticks it will turn on.


use a variable if you must.


im not gonna code this out for you. as it would waste my time in doing so, I will just give you the idea (up there)

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sir i do my best to do this

i successfuly coded the portrait/pictures of my strikers

but for cooldown portrait i did not accomplish

i try but it doesnt effective

pls give me some codes

so that i can accomplish it

pls a little help pls

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