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[DEMO-BOR] Avengers United battle force

O Ilusionista

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After some really hard work, we are proud to present you the first demo of the project Avengers United Battle Force.

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Avengers United Battle Force was made using OpenBOR engine. Everything started as Doom's pratice project, so he could learn how to work with this new engine. After some time, he had invited O Ilusionista to join him and...everything got bigger and now its a full project.

The idea is, somehow, to pay a homage to the original Arcade game called Captain America and the Avengers, which every of us loved when was a kid, but with a new interpretation. All kudos to Data East and Marvel for the original game!

(But guys, seriously, that game has a LOT of size errors... Juggernaut has almost the same size of Iron Man? No way. And why the hell he would use a bazooka? The guy IS a bazooka himself, lol)


While we use some gameplay from the original game, we added many things:

- At least, 2 special moves per char. Some chars have more moves.

- Each char is unique in some way: They have different values for life, attack, defense, power, speed and range.

- Some chars have passive skills (like regeneration), some have unique skills (like fyling mode).

- Breakout move (for dangerous times), rise attacks

- Unique AVENGER POWER per char, like a Desesperation Move. Consumes all the power bar but does a lot of damage.


(fixed) Vision, Hawkeye, Beast, Hulk, War Machine and Iron Man - Avengers United Battle Force


PC download here: http://brazilmugenteam.com/avengers

Works in Android if you have the app version of OpenBOR, just copy the "avengers.pak" from the PAKS folder

This is a technical demo, so bugs can occur. Please, inform any bug you find!

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Man I have been waiting for this, I'm gonna give it a try bro.

*Edit* Just tried it, man what a masterpiece you did a good job on this game, will there be more characters/bosses in the future? Becuase you got something going here.

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