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[PC] EF-12 FULL PACK DL - The Mugen Of 3D Fighters


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so what is ef-12 exactly you ask?  :confuse: well like mugen it is a fighting game engine but the big difference is is is to make 3D fighters and no not just 2.5D but real 3d... you can go to the official site here if you want http://ef-12.com/  -  but ill post a dl of all the stuff you can get on that site including the engine  :attack: why it took me 30 min to dl it all and it was a lot of save file after save file... also to get the engine you have to register and with my link no need... still got to the site for other needs (tutorials etc.) please enjoy


dl  -  http://www.mediafire.com/download/b8i9y1kl9sw4ac4/httpef-12.com.zip


peace guys  :bye:

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