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Generic JRPG Castle

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Generic JRPG Castle: http://www.mediafire.com/download/benzc4396uubzt1/Generic+JRPG+Castle.rar
After almost about a week of work, a stage originally planned to be released in a 4-stage pack what me and Ryoucchi were making, we decided to release it as separate since the amount of detail might outdo the other ones in the pack.

SPAN & Dark Savior for the Floor

POTS for the Forrest & Sky in the BG
c2000mc for the foreground Grass
Mark Ferrari for the small Tower
Davias for the Fisherman
AkumaTh for the Swords, flags, Stone & Destroyed Waggon Axel
SmithyGCN for the Ferryman

[Other Stuff]
Compatibility: 1.0 & Win
Animated: Yes
Superjump: No

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