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Rogue (Mugen 1.0) By Acey Released 10/20/11

Lord Batros

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Ok, I finally bring you Mugen's most intense character, from her smart palette, to her removeable jacket, from her Nightcrawler tail to Mega Buster, Rogue is just amazing! Rogue will ONLY WORK in MUGEN 1.0, that is how she can switch skin color when she steals powers from Blanka, Beast or Colossus. Because she is Mugen 1.0 only, using SFFv2 she can not be opened up in Fighter Factory, at least, not until Fighter Factory 3 comes out.

In Rogue, pallete 1 & 2 are her current costumes, pallete 3 is her X-Treme X-Men cosutme, pallete 4 through 6 use her classic costume with the jacket. The jacket will get knocked off by throws or certain stronger attacks depending on the code of the enemy.

Rogue can steal power from 50 characters. My goal is to have her eventually steal powers from a large assortment of characters in mugen, over 300 easily, including SNK and originals. Also, she is coded so that she will not only steal from regular Ryu, but as many different versions of Ryu I could find in mugen. If you try to steal from someone on this list and it doesn't work then please help me out by opening that character's def file, copying down the character's name and posting it in this thread so I can add it to future releases of Rogue, we're going for maximum compatabililty even though many authors don't even realize the different uses of "name" and "display name" in the character's def file.

This is not the end of Rogue either, HyperSonic and I have been makeing more custom sprites for tons more charcter powers to be stolen which will all make it into future releases. Enjoy!

For Those People Not a member at IMT ill be posting her in my Marvel Comics Collection



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oh.... lol.... i thought u ment i typed it the way u said, i was wondering how in the hell i could have done that..... yeah sometimes when i type, i get ahead of myself and it leads to misspellings .....thanks for the change

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