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Lifebar port size



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Yes. You have to type it in.


;----------------------------------------------------------- [Face] ;Player 1 p1.pos   = 20,20 p1.bg0.spr = 50,0 p1.bg1.anim = 51 p1.face.spr = 9000,0 p1.face.facing = 1 p1.face.offset = 0,0

p1.face.scale = 1,1 ;Player 2 p2.pos   = 1260,20 p2.bg0.spr = 50,0 p2.bg0.facing = -1 p2.bg1.anim = 51 p2.bg1.facing = -1 p2.face.spr = 9000,0 p2.face.facing = -1 p2.face.offset = 0,0

p2.face.scale = 1,1


this applies for p3 and p4 as well. Mugen 1.0 and 1.1 have alot of "invisible" scale codes.


Did you know you could scale fonts are certain places?


it looks like this


p1.font.scale =

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nope i can't lol.


but but its just scale codes for fonts and stuff.


if your using a trutype font and want to scale it, you would have to do it from the [Files]

using a different type of font scale code.


[Files] sff = fight.sff snd = fight.snd font1 = enter48.def font2 = num48.def font3 = name14.def font4 = num1.def

font5 = MyFont.ttf

font5.height = 36 fightfx.sff = fightfx.sff fightfx.air = fightfx.air common.snd = common.snd

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