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[Atari 2600] Yars' Revenge


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Ok, today where getting really old-school...

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Yars' Revenge released for the Atari 2600 in 1982, it was Atari's best selling original title for the Atari 2600.

In this game, the hero is an insect-like creature called a Yar who must nibble or shoot through a barrier in order to fire his Zorlon Cannon into the breach.
The objective is to destroy the evil Qotile, which exists on the other side of the barrier. The Qotile can shoot at the Yar even if the barrier is undamaged, by turning into the Swirl.
The player is warned before the shot is fired, and he can retreat to a safe distance to dodge the enemy's energy blast.
The neutral zone is a field in the center of the screen where the Yar can hide from the pursuing enemy torpedo, but where the Yar cannot shoot.
The Yar cannot evade the flying Swirl anywhere.


Each level ends with the destruction of the Qotile or Swirl. Odd-numbered levels will have a stationary shield protecting the Qotile, even-numbered levels will have a rotating shield protecting the Qotile. The destroyer missile will follow the player faster as levels progress.

I played hat game a lot back in the days!


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