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Adelheid XIII by DLS



Hello my dear MFFA'ers,


I'm looking for Adelheid XIII by DLS.


Have a video : 




And 2 pictures :






I've looked on DLS's site already but I can't find him.


Somewhere I heard it's just Jin's O-Adel/G-Adel patched by DLS himself but this is just a AI patch.


For those wondering here's his site : http://dls1tomemo.blog129.fc2.com/


I also cannot locate him on his Skydrive : https://skydrive.live.com/?cid=76b4bca2542398bc&id=76B4BCA2542398BC%21105


Confused I really am,  :confuse:


Please help me if you can!

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alli can find on his site or the skydrive is info on the AI patch,not an actual character release ,so that might just be the case, looks cool though, i need a new one of him, so hopefully we can get this straighten out 

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