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MKSM Style Fatality and Round related Moves

Ultra Fatality


So in one of my wips they have a fatality and the way i wanted to do it was MKSM (Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks) way and for those who dont know the opponent would have to get hit for a certain attack and then you put the combination for the fatality in sounds easy enough the problem im having is being able to do it like you know it has to be done only on round 2 or 3 long as u win one and p2 have to be at a certain life percentage so i basically need help on coding that properly into the game, If anybody need me to explain it better just let me know

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There is a roundno trigger (trigger1 = roundno >1).  Trying to remember how to do this.  It is a bit tricky because you need to set a var that needs to carry through to the next round.  There is/was a setting in the cns file at the very top that would allow all variables to carry through to the next round keeping the same values.  The tricky part is that the second round and beyond don't use the intro states and if using multiple vars, most vars you want to reset for the next round.


Ah, look at the top of the cns file for Kung Fu Man (MUGEN's only default character) and read the part about 'intpersistindex' and set that value to like 55 or such.  Then when a win happens, set a var higher than 55 to a number.  An example...


At the top of the cns file...


intpersistindex = 55


then later under the -2 statedef part...


[state -2]

type = varset

trigger1 = win

var(56) = 1


And remember that ANY vars 55 and above won't reset after the round ends and before the next round starts.

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