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Super Fighter Special Edition released 11/9/13

Lord Batros

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From Guild Post

so yeah, you might have known super fighter for the MS-DOS, a little-known taiwanese game that apparently got the license for it bought by a company called, well, 'the super fighter team'
after 20 years the new team took to themselves to finally update it. so why's this in the mugen releases section?
cuz they used mugen. i think this the first time copyright holders actually used mugen to make a fullgame with it



From Me


Fun little Fact , Even though it is an EXE . its not moleboxed



in order for u to use them in mugen 
Right click the game and then click File Folder location, that opens up the regualr mugen folder, then simply open the data folder and copy the file called 
into every character and Boom they work fine in mugen ......
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it nost false its tryue, i really cant download it.


this is too much hastle can someone please jsut upload the cahracters?


You're gonna have to mess around with the settings on your Anti-Virus.

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And to no one's surprise, you scrubs haven't figured out that this is a full game yet.


Apparently I spent 6 hours doing nothing because "they work fine in mugen".  Which of course is utterly false.  I actually did a lot.




This is all 11 characters and stages fixed to work in Mugen.  Once again, people don't even have so much as an incorrect idea of how resolutions work.  We didn't have widescreen monitors in 1991.  360x200 is analog scaled 4:3.  Thanks for the extra work, Super Fighter Team.


Changelog...I guess.


* Fixed palette keymap to use X as 1 like pretty much 99% of fighting games.

* Remapped commands to use X and A as P and K.

* Characters localcoord'd to match other characters.

* Made sounds, sprites, animations, and all that other formerly fullgame crap work.

* Fixed black bars on stages so that they don't cover the lifebars and stuff.

* Normalized stage music.  (89dB guys.  Not 96 or 101.)

* Removed a sound in characters' sound file so that it's not freaking 9MB.

* Balanced all life/damage and power to be more compatible with other characters. (x8/x24) - I don't care if it's not super exact.  Too bad.

* Fixed some state changes that relied on characters using a selfstate defined in fullgame common states. * Fixed all scaling issues due to original resolution.  That was fun! * Fixed stage scaling so it's not some stupid incorrect ratio.

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This game looks familiar to me, I have seen this game played by two people in a computer shop beside my house's shop when I was a child many years ago after I have heard Lan shouting "Long Juan Feng!" English call "Tornado" Chinese called "Long Juan Feng!" then only I can recall this game :P I enjoy the character Lan alots, he is awesome!

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