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DM Amano by lucas9999 10/2/13

Lord Batros

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I'm not familiar enough with Last Blade characters to know how this compares to the actual Amano character, and I didn't have time to check, but this character is very entertaining.  Maybe a bit too powerful...but cool.

One of the things I can remember is that he has Date Masamune (of Sengoku Basara)'s voice.

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Of all Last Blade MUGEN characters, I only use the mains, rivals, and the bosses:

Kaede by ohgaki

Moriya by DALA arranged by Ildanaf

Setsuna by HSR

Musashi by abuhachi

Kagami by ahuron

Kouryu by abuhachi


Amano..........I never use him in both the source game and MUGEN..............

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