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2 Violent Storm & 1 Mighty Warriors stages

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Well, i thought about making some stages from some games for some time now so i decide to attempt some sprite ripping. Here are my results so far. Feedback is appreciated.
So, i noticed there wasn't anything related to Violent Storm that's been made yet (except for one of the bosses Drigger). Here's 2 section of the train stage (whom the name of the boss on said stage escapes me atm)."
Evening Ride
Evening Ride (ALT)
This excluded the billboards.
Afternoon Ride
I also noticed anything from the game "Mighty Warriors" hasn't been made yet for MUGEN. So, I decided to rip Nabanado's stage (since the other ones a bit more complex to rip). The only thing I misses was the fact the post change for the fire as it flashes which will be fixed possibly some time this week. Also no parallax, which impossible to do atm due to floor sprite size.
Nabonedo's Stage
Download both here:

[Violent Storm] Train Ride

[Mighty Warriors] Nabonedo's Stage


Winmugen+ and 1.0 compatible, and BGM included (except for Nabanedo's stage which i couldn't find atm)

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