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Millionaire Fighting [640x480] Fullgame Packaged Edition (1584 Slots)


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Feel free to delete the credit thieving flamebait bootleg thread.






http://www.4shared.com/folder/Woe7L7F0/_online.html (MillionaireFighting_FullGameEdition.7z)

-- This is an ultra compressed 7-zip file, so you will require 7-zip or maybe WinRAR.



I've included a readme of sorts that should answer most questions, but the low down is this.


This is a fullgame packed version of my crappy screenpack.  It includes characters (made by me), a stage with music (that I made), and Mugen 1.1b1 configured to run in a 1280x960 window using the OpenGL renderer in safemode.  You can't possibly screw it up.


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