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Takiyasya released by Hozumi Miyabi (31/08/2013)

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Curious regarding who Takiyasya was, I checked on google and found something very interesting. For starters, her name Takiyasha Hime (princess Takiyasha), the daughter of a rebellious landlord in feudal Japan who tried to usurp power, but was killed during the rebellion. Fairytales however told of his daughter still living in the ruined castle, waiting to start the rebellion anew. A young warrior is sent to find out if there are any remaining conspirators and encounter her. Thus, she uses necromancy to summon a giant skeleton youkai (forgot their name), the warrior however is not frightened by the spirit and instead kills her bodyguard. The youkai dissipates and Takiyasha uses her magic to destroy the castle and escapes.
She was depicted sometimes carrying a sword (like the MUGEN character) and was also a bit of a seducer, so her portraial in MUGEN is very close to source apart from the more anime like appearence.
a bit of background on the source of the character.
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