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Fullgame is done! bootleg wars v3.0


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hello again!
I will like to see how happy are you?
I finished bootleg wars!
so what's new?
-new chalengers
-new lifebars
-no more super atacks,it's only specials
-more stages
-screenpack is updates and so on!
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
get here:
or get here:
fceux,nestopia,vnes,nesterj - I have riped all things from roms with this emulators
Erroratu: - for some portrains
KingPepe2010: - for press start fonts
basara kun - for other press start fonts
and you for download!
please enjoy the game! ;)
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My feedback time.


list of thing that I encounter when playing the game


1.Kyo should have more special and throwing move

2.The AI for all the characters need to be worked on bit more.

3.The Game was too easy to beat on very Mode setting

4.The for all Characters only thing they do during the game play is they like to do a lot blocking on basic attack but they only get hit by projectiles and normal throw attack.

5. all character should have there own ending plot


My final Opinion about this mugen game made by Duck

I always encounter so many mugen full-game base many gender from rip from Arcade type and Edit conversion and put together complication type of mugen games. This game however is on those game I have to say very unique in very way. we don't get to see a version close to the older games from GameBoy Color and Old Famicom / Nintendo Entertainment System. DuckSS took his time to bring back old school game back with fighting style. I really enjoy the game base on what DuckSS had done for his work. Great thing about the game was very Fun and its unique creativity.


if your a fan of the old school game and want to have fun from blast from the past then you should give this game wonder bootleg fighting try :D



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