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Marco Rodriguez/Khushnood Butt Updated 8/11/13

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Hey what's up guys its me [email protected] [email protected] back with another character that's different from what I normally make. Before I go into this character I would like to say that my old Wips are still being worked on, this character was started because of me being inspired by the CVS 3 Screenpack by Enlightend Shadow and the characters made by creators like J-Morph, Rajaa, Crazy Koopa, Divine Wolf, Pots and of course Infinite himself.
Marco Rodriguez/Khushnood Butt From Garou : Mark of the Wolves
Its just like Infinite's new characters with a little of my own twist to things but for the most part its the same.
He has all of his classic moves including newer ones done to fit this style of game play. EX moves of course and also 2 level 3 Hypers for now
Marco Has been Updated 8/11/13 
Get him here 
Config Features
*Air Combo's selectable in the config
*Palette Selector
*Added alt hitsounds in the config
*Added alt hitsparks in the config
*Added options to choose between Run or Dash
Anything that needs to be fixed should be of course pointed out in a respectable manner. Please respect that, and thank you :-)
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