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Capcom VS. SNK 3 HD Screenpack (1.1) released by EnlightenedShadow


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[Preview] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDapxv8bhH4 Notes from EnlightenedShadow: "Ianb3000, Michael, and I have been hard at work to create and release this Mugen SP. This is a work of love from a few devoted fans of the CVS games. With the re release of all of the classic fighting games we hope and dream that one day CAPCOM will make a real version. This is my rendition of what the game would look like. You can find the download link below all I ask is that you like the video and share this screenpack with every old school fighting game fan! Spam it all over the web so capcom and snk both get the hint and hopefully start making a real CVS3. If anyone wants to help us create custom sprites for the characters to make a FULL GAME PROJECT please send me a message. I will make a tutorial video on how to take full advantage of this SP very soon. Including portraits and character definitions. Alright due to rising concerns there is a disclaimer I have to put here WARNING This mugen is EXTREMELY HEAVY!!! The file is over 400MB and there are a lot of animations and transparencies with 32bit images My Desktop has a 6 Core processor 4.2GHZ, 16GB RAM, and a 2GB AMD graphics card and it runs at 60fps My laptop has an i7 Dual Core processor 2.2 GHZ, 8GB RAM, and no dedicated graphics card and it doesn't run at all. It gives me the same error everyone is having where a certain part of the mugen won't load at all. SOLUTION Be patient, we knew that this version of the SP was going to be a PC Killer but we wanted the true vision of the screenpack to be released 1st and those that can enjoy it will see wall the work we put into the game. We will now work backwards and make lower res version that should work on more PCs. Thanks and I hope you guys enjoy the Screenpack" DL Link: Skydrive download Updated(to download you must have microsoft account and sign into skydrive ) http://sdrv.ms/12YdSZx CVS3 Portraits http://sdrv.ms/12Yc7f0

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