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Overlord Laharl by.the doodly overlord(dead author)

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btw guys.i have to tell you all something.

i didn't fix the palette because the author combined the old sprite with a new sprite.

some of the movement is broke.but it's only the basic attack.yeah gladly i fix it.

and add some moves


overlord laharl


normal attack- a button

strong attack- b button

power charge- y button


special moves

blade rush-c button

overlord's wrath-x button

nightserver(maybe)-z button.


btw if some of you guys wanna fix this character.tell me if you want to fix this character

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theres more that needs done for this to be acceptable without more sprites he is not going to go far. believe me I know I tried to make him into a char using these sprites not enough to make an acceptable Laharl char period

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