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Stage Edits - MSH, COTA & MvsSF


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I guess I'll just slap all of these in one thread for organizational purposes.  These edits aren't necessarily meant to be accurate, I just wanted them to feel a bit more natural.

Here's an edit I did for JC's Juggernaut Port stage from Marvel Super Heroes.

-Cleaned up and fixed some sprites

-Adjusted deltas

-Added parallax to the water

-Added some animation to the boat in the back

-Refined some animations to make them a bit more natural looking

Juggernaut Port

Posted Image

My edit of JC's Silver Samurai stage from Xmen: COTA.

-Adjusted parallax to prevent sliding

-Adjusted deltas

Samurai Kodokan

Posted Image

Edit of JC's Hulk stage from Marvel Super Heroes.

-Adjusted parallax to prevent sliding (not 100% on this, but I got it about as good as I could get it)

-Fixed some sprites that were cut off

-Adjusted some deltas to give a little more depth

Hulk Carousel

Posted Image

Edit of JC's Manhattan stage from Marvel Vs. Street Fighter.

-Split into two stages

-Adjusted deltas

-Fixed a few sprite colors and flickering stuff

Manhattan Streets & Sewers

Posted Image

Posted Image

Click the pictures for the download, and let me know what you think.

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