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Jack Art Of Fighting 2 RELEASED by ironjw 5/30/13

Lord Batros

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Game Play
4 Button Game Play: Light Punch, Strong Punch, Light Kick and Strong Kick
Throw: F, Strong Punch (close)
Taunt: Enter or Start Button
Forward Dash: F,F
Back Dash: B,B
Double Jump: Up, Up
Special:  Combination Direction Pad + Button
EX Move:  ***Press Both Punch or Both Kick Requires 330 Powers***
Super:  ***Requires 1000 Powers***
Color Select
Color1 = 1 or 4 (weak attack)
Color2 = 2 or 5 (medium attack)
Color3 = 3 or 6 (strong attack)

Knuckle Punch:  D, DF, F, Any Punch (EX))
Bomber Dance:  D, DB, B, Any Punch (EX)
Super Drop Kick: DB, F, Any Kick (EX)
Brain Shock Headbutt:  F, D, DF, Any Punch -Close- (EX)
Power Charge:  Strong Punch + Strong Kick
Super Ass Drop: D, DF, F, D, DF, F Any Kick
Hell Diving: D, DB, B, D, DB, B Any Punch -Close-
[special Credit and Thanks]
Kong's sprite packs
Elecbyte for KFM as template
Ryon for Video Tutorials


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