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What do you hope Nintendo changes in the next Super Smash Bros.?

Super Nicholas

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What do you hope Nintendo will change in the next Super Smash Bros. game?


Here's what I hope is changed:

Better balance in character gameplay.

Custom characters and the ability to add your own music.

Something being done about overpowered items; Poke Balls, Dragoon Parts, Uniras, Bumpers, etc. 

Something being done about Fans being able to be used for infinites.

These stages: Saturn Valley (Earthbound), Nintendoland (Nintendoland)

Retro Stages: Hyrule Castle (N64), Fourside (GCN), Bridge of Eldin (Wii), Delfino Plaza (Wii), Distant Planet (Wii)

Music: New Age Retro Hippie (Earthbound), Nightmare Battle Theme (Kirby's Adventure), Dark Pit's Theme (Kid Icarus: Uprising)

Characters: Waluigi, Starfy, Victini, Waddle Dee, Takamaru, Little Mac, Zoroark, Plusle and Minun, Mii

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Well since this post been bumped. I have to say it should not be clone characters in the game so all of them should have their own unique fighting style.

Plus some of the trophy assist should become characters (EX: Waluigi, Lyndis, Little mac, Shadow, Mr.Wright,and a couple others)

Also if they bring back or introduce another new Pokemon stadium that should add this Music from pokemon BW2 world tournament [final battle] :


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