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EXShadow Low-Res Stages, Chen Mao by Juke Kisaragi



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Well you said "some" Low-Res Stages by Exshadow with don´t screenshots so....

Here are some Low-Res stages by Exshadow.


Static Field



Strange Vertex



Arctic Sea



Snowy Mushrooms



Train Factory



Tokyo Night Brawl



Ice Cavern


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As for the EXShadow stages, I cannot recall any specific names, but I do recall one that came packaged with Garuda's theme from SFEX2a (it looked kinda like a castle), or something, but no specifics. I just wonder if anyone has a big batch or directory of them.


As for Chen Mao, she looks like this:


She's apparently from some NeoGeo game, but unsure of which one. Juke Kisaragi is the original creator. Please, no edits.

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Chen Mao by Juke Kisaragi.



As for Exshadow stages those are all that i have and know of them but ill see if i can find something.


Found this screenshot this is the stage? tho is not Low-res.


Now is not hard to find Exshadow stages but you need to be more specific tho.

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That stage is very nice, and I would like it Hi-res or no (Sorry if I sound greedy), but I remember it had some sandy/dusty effect and it was the side of a castle wall rather than the castle being in the background. Thank you very much for the Chen Mao, by the way.

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