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Persona 4 Lifebars [1.1] Only [1280x720]


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Ok, where do i start


1) why am i according to the def loading up sfxt bar by KyoKano?


2) Try pointing mugen to the folder rather than overwriting previous lifebar files. That way everything is tidy and more than one bar is in the data folder





sff = P4Lifebar/fight.sff
snd = P4Lifebar/fight.snd
font1 = jg.fnt
font2 = P4Lifebar/font/gem2.fnt
font3 = P4Lifebar/font/LBname1.fnt
font4 = P4Lifebar/font/P4ATime.fnt
font5 = P4Lifebar/font/hit.fnt
font6 = P4Lifebar/font/P4ATime.fnt


Now onto using them...


Main lifebar


1) Your sprites are quite clearly the old one's optimised for pcx. where are the nice anti aliased edged ones? that you have access to from the game


2) No infinite time symbol


3) Why this?


Posted Image


No need for characters to go behind the burst text with some layer hierarchy thinking


4) Burst text moves during the flashing frames


5) Burst text is still skewed wrong on the right


6) Where are the nice anti aliased timer fonts? you have the ability with 1.1 to use them in a 1.1sff/.def font structure


7) The fonts that you turned into pcx have horrid edges


8) Timer font numbers need evenly spacing, so they dont jog about when counting down (that's if you insist on using pcx as png font will still move about)


9) Sfxt round anims


10) sfxt combo counter


Lower section....


Power bar


1) Same optimised pcx sprites stuck in as png's


2) Why wasn't the power bar rotated with the bar sprites? it looks like a blocky mess that doesn't fit the space they should be occupying


3) Same rough edged fonts as the timer


Overall nothing that warrants 1.1 use or showcases 1.1's png ability


Considering the attention to detail you apply in your characters.


Im a little disappointed here.

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Actually, I never used anti-aliased images. Was planning to take out the burst and the glow because of layer issues. There should be an infinite symbol, unless I forgot to add it in the font.

All I can say is I don't really have that much motivation to finish it, that's why I'm releasing it and people can feel free to fix it anyway they like to. It was originally for 1.0.


All I can say, lack of motivation kills one's intent of the quality of his/her own works. 

Probably going to remake it later. Criticism always help.

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