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[Portraits] Hatsune Miku SP Custom Ports by Me


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9000,1 (Big Ports)

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9000,0 (Small Ports)

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9000, 35 (Lifebar Ports)

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Posted Image

http://www.mediafire...48bbn272wp56565 (Part 1)

Posted Image

Ah just some port i've done for waifu tasofro styled roster i'm currently built. Wait why there's a Hol Horse? Ah it's a request from MFG lol.

Part 1 Portraits List

-Sanae Kochiya

-Utsuho Reiuji

-Mystia Lorelei

-Komachi Onozuka

-Marisa Kirisame

-Aya Shameimaru

-Byakuren Hijiri



-Kanade Tachibana

-Tsukasa Ayatsuji

-Mashiro Mito


-Misuzu Kamio

-Watatsuki no Yorihime


-Hol Horse

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