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[Atari Jaguar]Thea Realm Fighter

The Magic Toaster

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Thea Realm Fighters was an Atari Jaguar game scheduled for Q3 1995 release. This fighting game by High Voltage Software was one of the Mortal Kombat rip offs developed in response to Mortal Kombat popularity. The game was to feature over 25 characters and four different modes with over 30 different backgrounds said

to create different combat situations and scenarios. After defeating 12 characters the player was to face SurRaider, a powerful warrior from another dimension. At least four moves per character and two special finishers were available.


The game featured a total of over 25 characters to compete against, including 12 main characters and 12 other special characters as well as several subbosses and five hidden characters. Characters known from available screenshots and press coverage include:

1.Prince Pak



4.Royal Marshall


(You can ask Dxwho about the other characters see as he create one of the ones not listed.)

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