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  1. Happy B-Day bruh.

  2. well, it's just a random palette, and okhay!
  3. okay! here's the stance. Altough it's in slow motion, but it can be clearly seen.
  4. I've decided to make Andy(XIII) as it's no one else's WIP and it'll be my 3rd mugen work. I'll update you guys with some previews.
  5. my version is 100 times better than that!
  6. Updated them both a little, deleted viruses and .bak files, coded terry's special moves again! and resized them both. here is the updated link: http://www.mediafire.com/?73ez7hrhih2h1sa need your opinion, since i'm a beginner!
  7. A Beta Version Of Robert Has Been Released. With A Newer Version Of Terry!.Robert's Next Version Needs lot Of Work. Terry has Been Updated with XIII Sounds and Some height changes.http://www.mediafire...73ez7hrhih2h1sa
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